Green Tea!!! Tart!!! Strawberry!!!

We had another tasting this week and it was very successful, approving 3 Flavors.  They were really good. I’m not a big tart fan, but I think we got it. 

Once my Flavors are approved, the labels have to be submitted to the CDFA for approval before we use them in our shop.  I spent this past week going back and forth with Jim, the food scientist I am working with, to get the labels right….hopefully. We’ll find out soon. Anyways, today, I sent 4 flavors out for approval which made me happy. I want to check this off the list.

Some other exciting news this week is that I signed my SBA loan documents. I worked so hard for this day and it finally came.   Hard to believe!!!

So much more going on but that’s all for now.  More updates soon. 



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