Peanut Butter!!! & Salted Caramel!!!

It’s very exciting!!  We had another tasting today and approved the peanut butter flavor (Meredith nailed it the first time) and the salted caramel.  So cool!  They are tasty and I can’t wait for everyone to try them.

I now have nutritional info for both our vanilla and our chocolate.  It’s so cool to see.  

Now that we have 4 Flavors approved, I have to start getting them licensed to serve at my shop. We’ll work on that next week.

In other news, the R&D on the smoothies is starting today.  This should go a lot faster and we don’t need to go anywhere to taste them which is nice since we are all so busy.

As for the probiotics, our first two tests didn’t work out for various reasons, so we need to try again.  Not fun and not cheap but we have no other choice.  It will be worth it if it works this time.

So much more to do but it was a good week.


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