Creating a Brand

If someone would’ve told me that one day I would be creating my own brand, I would’ve told them that they were crazy…and what am I doing now?  That’s right. I’m creating my own brand and about to share it with the world.  That’s how crazy life is!

This week, I met with someone who knows that my business is moving forward and she had mistakenly assumed that it was a franchise.  I explained to her that this is my own business, not a franchise, and I’m starting from scratch.

She kind of gasped and looked at me like, whoa, good luck.  I could tell that she was a little worried for me.  It was really interesting to see her reaction.

It’s true that I’m choosing a difficult path because if I did a franchise, everything would’ve been given to me – marketing, product, equipment, design, etc.  

However, I never had any interest in doing a franchise.  I knew from the beginning that a franchise wouldn’t work with my concept.  I am creating everything from scratch and it is scary, and challenging, and stressful at times, but it’s also the most creative I’ve ever felt.  I’m putting together a great team to help me and I’m tackling everything one step at a time. I’m making mistakes, but I’m also learning from them. 

My hope is that my brand makes people feel good.  That has been the goal from the beginning.  That is what drives me and what will continue to drive me as things get crazy in the months to come.


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