Chocolate!!! & Coconut Chai!!!

We had another tasting today at Taylor and it went very well!  We approved chocolate and coconut chai.  They were yummy!!!

Salted caramel was close, but we have to tone down the butter (dairy-free) taste slightly. That one should be approved next time.  Now we are moving on to peanut butter and green tea.  Those will be exciting to taste in 2 weeks.

We are also starting R&D on the smoothies and the waffle cones.  There is a lot to do in a few months but we will get there, or at least close.

The chocolate was turned in for nutritional analysis and the probiotics will be shipped on Monday to get their count.  This information will help us as we move forward and is truly fascinating to me. I can’t believe that we are getting nutritional analysis and probiotic counts on stuff that I am creating with my team. It’s crazy!

Other progress is that the plans for the city and health department will be submitted on Monday and I have a Coming Soon sign that I will be able to share soon.

It was a good but strange week.  Things slowed down at my day job for once so I was actually able to breathe a little.  I have been so busy with both my day job and Yoga-urt, that when I actually have a moment to slow down, it feels foreign to me.  If I’m not juggling 3 things at the same time, I think that something must be wrong.

Hopefully, things will balance out for me in the coming weeks, but I’m not counting on it.  Tomorrow, I have 3 meetings lined up for Yoga-urt and it’s a Saturday.  They are fun meetings though 🙂


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