Making Progress

Things are progressing but it’s never easy.

– Plans: I should receive the updated plans for review tomorrow. The hope is to submit them to the city/health department on Thursday or Friday of this week. It will then take up to a month to receive approvals.

– Marketing: We started the graphics for a small teaser campaign. The graphic designer is great but we are finding certain challenges. Specifically, we are doing a Coming Soon sign for outside the store. It’s beautiful, but easily mistaken for a yoga studio instead of a frozen yogurt store. Mostly because of the name. We’ll get there but it’s challenging.

– Operations: I’ve started on the employee handbook. I have some templates that I’m working off of and that is making this easy so far. I’m grateful for that.

– Vendors: I have friends helping me contact suppliers to get pricing for ingredients/toppings for the store. This is very helpful since I’m at work all day and can’t make the phone calls. Hoping that they make good progress this week.

– R&D: I have someone started on the waffle cone recipe this week. Excited to see what she crates. As for the soft serve, we will be going back for another tasting this Friday. Hoping for the best!

More to come soon!


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