Tired but Worth It!

This week has been pretty productive.

The plans have progressed. There are 2 more things I will have to decide very quickly – the floor and the ceiling. I wish I had a bigger budget and could just do what I want but I have to be careful. We wanted to do finished concrete, but the concrete isn’t in great shape so it’s more complicated. Tile might be cheaper. As for the ceiling, I think we’ll decide that tomorrow. There is currently a high ceiling so we have to decide how much to drop it if at all. We definitely have to drop it over the counter area. The goal is to turn in the plans to the city/health department by the end of next week!

I talked with the graphic designer who will do all of the graphics for the store and we have a plan in place to do a small teaser campaign. Hoping to see something soon. It will be very exciting when all gets printed/executed.

I also talked with 2 marketing people. I’m just starting to put a plan together. I don’t want to get overwhelmed with this, but I also know that it is important.

Tomorrow morning, I meet with one of my consultants and my interior designer. That should be fun.

I’m tired juggling this and everything else, but it’s worth it. I will take a yoga class tonight which I wasn’t able to do for over a week. That will make me feel better 🙂


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