Where to Begin

These last few days have been pretty good but there is one major challenge that is not exactly Yoga-urt related that has really taken a toll on me.  More on that later.

Let me start with the positive:

• Flavor tasting on Wed was good overall. Out of the 4 Flavors we tasted, 3 were so close, but we want to make small tweaks so they’ll get another round.  Although it was slightly disappointing not to approve any, they were still good and I love how my team won’t accept less than the best.

• Chemical Analysis – I dropped off our approved almond milk white mix for nutritional analysis and we should have that info in a few weeks.  Exciting!  Once we get that, one of my R&D members can do the rest of the Flavors.

• Store plans – They are progressing nicely.  Just need to figure out the ceiling and AC system I’m going to go with and we can complete them.

• Interior Design – Had a good meeting with the designer.  We have a ways to go but it is a good start.

Not so Positive:

• Fedex – Remember my last post about Fedex?  Well, that totally back fired on me.  It’s almost comical after I expressed my excitement in the last post.  For my first shipment, we were sending probiotic samples of our vegan vanilla flavor to get the count of probiotics tested. We carefully put it all together and guess what?  The package got held up at least 2 days due to bad weather.  The samples should remain cold so this is not good.  I couldn’t believe it but I can’t control things like this so I have to find the humor and let it go. Big sigh.  We may have to repeat it in a few weeks 😦

Now for the major disturbance this week. I’ll try to make it as short and sweet as possible. 

My taxes which were completed a month ago were not submitted until 3/4 for reasons unexplained to me.  This is huge b/c I am doing a refinance and need a form from the IRS in order to complete the refi.  My locked interest rate is now in jeapardy and this step is supposed to be completed before I get my SBA loan.  Big mess.  It is the last thing I needed.

The pressure is on my tax accountant to fix this and I will do what I can as well.

I’m trying not to let it, but it’s making a very exciting time hard to enjoy.  I keep reminding myself to take action where I can and then let it go.  It is hard.  It really consumed my week.

Another sigh.  

A new week is starting and I’m going to do my best to focus on all of the positive things, as there are many!


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