Here we go!

I had a very busy but exciting day today.  Talk about not wasting any time.

This morning, I had a great meeting with the interior designer.  I could see her coming up with ideas in her head as we discussed the space and I’m excited to see what she comes up with this week.

I also met with the person who will be doing the plans for the city/health department. He took the measurements and will start doing the plans on Monday. 

All parties think we can submit the plans in 2-3 weeks!

In between those 2 meetings, I took a Pilates class, took a walk, helped a friend with a towing emergency, and had lunch with my mom and one of her close friends after we met at the shop because my mom wanted to see it.

I was at the shop 3 different times today!  It felt a little like Groundhogs day 🙂  

Oh yeah!  I forgot to mention that I briefly introduced myself to the owners of the crossfit  place 2 doors down and told them that I would be in touch soon. They seemed interested and willing to chat with me. 

I accomplished more today than I thought which  I’m really happy about.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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