Our first flavor is approved – Vanilla!

I’m so excited because it basically means our base is approved too.  It was a big improvement from last time and everyone loved it.

It was a great day, really the uplift I needed. Dealing with the lease, construction estimates, etc. has been difficult, mostly because of my tight budget.  It is so reassuring to taste the product and have it be GOOD.

We also tasted the chocolate, coconut chai, and salted caramel.  The chocolate was good, but last time it was a little better so we are going to take one more pass. It is super close though and we can use this version of chocolate for chocolate peanut butter 🙂

The salted caramel was close too, just needs less salt.  Coconut chai needed the most work but we will get there.  My food consultant will be working on all of these plus the strawberry over the next 2 weeks before we go back to taste again.

It’s so nice to see our progress and have most people like it.  Yay!

The lease is getting closer too.  The list of issues is getting smaller and we might be able to wrap it up this week.  We shall see 🙂


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