The Lease

I got back from S. Korea two days ago. The trip was a whirlwind, but the client was happy and I got to see some of Seoul, so it was a successful trip.

I dealt with the lease in Korea as well. The property manager and I went back and forth a few times and there are a few remaining issues. The biggest one seems to be the ADA requirements. The landlord doesn’t want to take any responsibility for them and I feel like it is their responsibility.

I paid to have a Certified Access Specialist come out yesterday to evaluate the needs. The biggest thing is the ramp leading into the front door. It needs fixing.

I emailed the property manager tonight to tell him the landlord should fix this. We’ll see what they say. The bottom line is I can’t afford to do it so I will have to play hardball if needed.

There are other issues remaining as well. Hopefully, we can come to agreement this week and move forward.

In the meantime, my team and I are tasting 4 Flavors at Taylor on Wednesday! Exciting!!!


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