South Korea

So what does one do when they get approved for a loan they’ve been trying to get for 4 years, are finalizing a lease for the space, and refinancing?  Well, they go to South Korea!  Or at least I’m going to South Korea…tomorrow.  It’s not the best timing, but it is for my day job so I have to go.

The last few days have been hard.  There is so much to do and I tried to get as much done before my trip as possible, but here I am, blogging at 12am before I fly out later this morning.

My plan is to review the lease on the plane tomorrow before sending it off to my lawyer.  I was trying to line up the plans & designer before I left so that they could get started while I was gone, but that was a bust.  The guy I wanted to do the plans/construction came in too high and so I’ll have to choose one of the other people I met for the plans, and then deal with the construction budget when I get back. I’m losing a week, but I have to remind myself that it is only 1 week, plus, the lease isn’t finalized so it is financially safer to wait anyway.

The good news is I can mostly relax while on the long plane ride.  I’m actually looking forward to it which I never thought I would say.  14 hours of sleeping, eating, watching movies, reading, and doing some stuff for Yoga-urt.  Not too bad.


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