Loan Approved!!!

I got the loan!!!! I found out on Wednesday. That took so much longer than I thought it would, but it has happened. So exciting!!!! This means I need to start moving forward on the plans, design, etc.

My life is crazy right now. I’m on 3 projects at my day job and I’m flying to S. Korea on Sunday for a week to meet with one of our clients. Not ideal timing, but I’ll make it work. Thank god I’m good at multi-tasking because it is intense right now.

Before I leave in 2 days, I need to pick the company doing my plans and get them started, meet with one of my restaurant consultants, engage a lawyer to review my lease agreement next week, talk to a designer, reach out to people to line stuff up for when I get back, etc, etc.

That’s just for Yoga-urt! I have checklists for my day job and personal stuff as well.

The next few months (probably year) are going to be intense and I just need to stay focused and do the best I can. Here we go!


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