Things are Lining Up

It really feels like it is going to happen now.

This past Saturday, I had a scare about losing the space. It’s a long story but I ended up paying the property manager a deposit in order to hold the space for a month. I just didn’t want to worry anymore. I actually have 2 possible ways of getting the money now and I feel there is a very good chance that both possibilities will be resolved within this next month. The deposit was worth my peace of mind. I’m so close.

I had some family over this weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday and they tasted the chocolate and vanilla. They loved the chocolate which made me so happy. The vanilla needs a little tweaking, but we knew that. It’s interesting to see the reaction when people taste my product. I think they can start to see my business even clearer than before. My Aunt even came up with a great name for my product. More on that later.

I’m really starting to get excited now. Tomorrow, I meet with the inspector from the health department for a meet & greet. I will get clarity on the process and start to form a relationship with her so the approvals will hopefully go smoothly. On Friday, an AC technician is meeting me at the space for an estimate on a new AC. Once I have that, I can finalize negotiations with the property management company.

Lots to do, but I feel more at ease about the whole thing. Something shifted and it just seems like things are lining up.


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