Good News!!!

So much happened during the last few days, I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the most important, the SBA accepted my proposed management team. I have 2 great resources and I’m excited to be working with them. I just got the email tonight. I think it means the loan will go through. It’s crazy. I’m so excited but it doesn’t feel real. I will call tomorrow to confirm.

More good news. I immediately emailed the property manager for the space I want and it is still available. Yay!

Even more good news. I met with the guy who does the inspection for milk/dairy and although for months I’ve been told that I needed to have a pasteurizer, it’s official that I DO NOT need to have one. I’m soooo happy about this. It will save me a lot of money and make the mix process so much easier. It’s big!

I’ll post about this tomorrow, but my R&D team and I went to Taylor this week to taste the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Very exciting…..


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