I have some good news. I talked to the guy at the SBA that has my loan package. He told me yesterday that there was a 99% chance that it would be approved!!!! I can’t believe it. Has this day finally come? After 4 years of wondering how on earth I would ever have money to do this business it looks like that question might be answered.

I’m not completely there yet though. Either my loan package will be reviewed by the loan committee this coming Wednesday, or it will have to wait until the first Wednesday in January. I should know pretty soon which one. Of course, I’m rooting for next week. I would love to get the YES so I can start moving forward. I might do that anyway:) After hearing 99%, it’s hard not to feel that it’s going to happen. I’m so close and I want to keep this thing moving.

I really haven’t digested the news yet and that’s probably a good thing since it’s not official.

In the meantime, I’ll keep moving things forward as best I can.



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