O.M.G. !!!!!!

There is this one block in a city close to me that I have been eyeing for 2 years for Yoga-urt. There is one specific location on the block that I really want, and another one, that might be more realistic and is also a good spot. Well, guess what? The more realistic spot looks like it is available. I can’t believe it!

I was doing my pretty much weekly Saturday morning ritual – pilates class at 10am, walk at 11am, and lunch with my friend at noon (she takes the later pilates class). This is all on the same block as the one that I referred to above. Well, the place where we eat lunch is directly across the street from the “realistic” spot. I didn’t realize it, but the café that was there, has left. I go by this street all the time and have been eyeing both of these spots, and I didn’t know the café cleared out 😦 I was excited that they vacated but nervous that it has probably been open to prospective renters for a few months and I don’t know if it is still available. There is no for rent sign but I am hoping that it is available.

I went to the deli on the same block because I am friendly with the owner. He gave me the name of the management company so I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning.

O.M.G.!!!! Could this be it? I think I can afford this place and even thought it’s a little earlier than I was thinking, I could possibly get the bank loan now too.

Trying not to drive myself crazy as I can’t do anything until tomorrow. Just trying to soak it in and enjoy my Sunday. I’m taking a yoga class this afternoon which will be great to keep me calm and focused. Excited to see where this goes 🙂


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