Change of Mind

Just this week, I finally got some answers on the trailer from the health department.  I probably could’ve gotten the answers sooner, but the 2 jobs have been keeping me busy. 

I can’t get the trailer done the way I want 😦  The trailer would have to be enclosed and I would have to serve the yogurt and toppings through a service window.  My customers would not be able to help themselves at all.  Plus, I would be separated from them in the trailer.  This might not sound like a big deal, but I don’t like this separation.  Yoga-urt is about community, coming together, chatting, not being separated.  Between that and the cost, I’m really leaning against doing it. 

For the cost of the trailer, I could maybe have 1/2 the amount I need to get a loan for the store.

So now I’m focusing on saving as much money as I can for the store.  If I keep working like I have, by the end of the year, I might possibly have enough to get a loan from the SBA.   

Wouldn’t that be crazy?  Is it possible I can save enough money to do this in 2015?  If yoga has taught me anything, it’s that anything is possible if we are open.  I am open!!!