A month later…

Well, I was supposed to get the trailer plan back a few weeks ago, but I have still not received it.  It took a lot longer than expected probably due to changeover of staff at the company I met with, but it looks like they are finally done.

Now there are 2 problems.  The first problem is that the owner of the company that made the plan called me on Friday to say that he doesn’t think it will get approved by the health department.  The way we planned it was for the front part of the trailer to open up, and he doesn’t think that will work since we are dealing with dairy.  He said he will go ask the health department so I don’t waste money on submitting the plan if it won’t pass.  Although I appreciate that, he said he would call me yesterday and nothing yet.

What I’ve learned is everything is going to take a long time.  This is another practice in patience for me.

The second problem is I did get the cost of the trailer.  It is a little over double what I wanted to spend, and that doesn’t include the generator or soft server machine 😦  This may be a challenge I can’t overcome.  How much money am I willing to put into this trailer, which isn’t even my ultimate goal for Yoga-urt?  I am working 2 jobs right now and I’m able to save money, but still, how high will I go?  I don’t know yet.  I’m going to take one step at a time.  If the health department won’t even approve it, there will be nothing to decide.

My other option is to take the plan and find a person or 2 who will build the cart for me instead of a company.  They might be willing to do it for a more reasonable price.

I’ll be calling the owner tomorrow to find out about that plan!


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