San Francisco

This week, I’m attending the Launch Conference in San Francisco, but not for Yoga-urt.  I’m actually here for work.  Yes, I have a job.  As with most entrepreneur’s, a job is needed to pay my bills until I get Yoga-urt off the ground and profitable.  I’m lucky that my job is a pretty good one.  The company I work for did the opening animations for the conference so we are here to network and enjoy – watching pitches, hearing VC’s respond and ask questions, seeing tech demos, etc.  Pretty cool that I get to do this for work.

The only downside is the conference is ALL tech.  What a surprise.  Tech is the big thing out there and I have a retail business.  This is what I’ve been up against for the last year and a half as I pursued investors.  Where is the conference for retail businesses?  Would I be brave enough to give my pitch in front of 1,500 people like the entrepreneur’s at the conference?  If you asked me 2 years ago, I would’ve said no, but now, I think I would.  That’s how much I believe in Yoga-urt.  Today is day 2 of the conference.  More pitches, more networking, more VC’s and angel investors.  It’s great to feel the energy of the entrepreneurs.  If nothing else, it’s inspiring to see what people are doing.  Lucky to be here!Image


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